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Call Control CTI allows you to control your IP phone with your PC, Mac or mobile device via a web browser. We recommend Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Call Control CTI is part of AskoziaPBX starting from firmware version 2.2.6. For more information about the required licenses, visit our online shop.

Activation and configuration

activated software modules

We are assuming that you already have a working installation of AskoziaPBX (2.2.6 or higher). Otherwise, follow the installation instructions at installation chapter.

AskoziaPBX license overview

Click on System -> Licenses. Click on Askozia add.png to add license key(s). After entering all licenses a restart of AskoziaPBX is required.

Editing the CTI-User

After the reboot go to System -> General Setup and enter the global CTI username and CTI password. Username and password are the same for all CTI users. By clicking the link, the CTI can be opened directly in a new tab. Below the link, you find settings for solving incoming phone numbers. To do so, Match digits allows to set how many digits of an incoming phone number are compared with the existing numbers in the phone book. It has to be taken into account that the incoming phone numbers are compared starting from the last digit, i.e. from the right to the left. Additonally, national and international prefixes as well as the country code can be entered, which are also relevant for matching incoming numbers. Furthermore, it is possible to set the CTI protocol and CTI port to use Call Control CTI. Set a port number if you want to overwrite the standard settings (28400 for HTTP/HTTPS). When the CTI user is defined and you finished your custom settings, Call Control CTI is ready for action.


Welcome page

To start Call Control, open you web browser within your local network. Enter the IP address of your AskoziaPBX. On the welcome page click on open CTI.

Authentification page

Enter the login information (CTI username and password) as defined above. After an successful authentication, you'll be forwarded to the CTI login page.

Login page

Enter the star code on your phone to connect your phone with Call Control. After an successful authentication, the CTI start page will be displayed.

CTI start page

Further information can be found at Pages and functions.