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Askozia offers two types of support: support free of charge in this wiki and our forums as well as paid support provided by our professional support crew. Conditions and prices can be found at

Please stay up-to-date and use the latest version of AskoziaPBX.

Free support vs. paid support

Free support

Free support doesn't include a guaranteed priority and is given when our support team has time available. That's why the response time of free support varies between hours and days. Free support is available only through our ticket system and covers questions directly related to AskoziaPBX.

Paid support

As part of our paid support packages, a guaranteed priority assures a timely reply to your urgent issues. For installation support, we usually make an appointment for a remote session with you to assure to have enough time for you reserved. Our paid support is available via phone and remote desktop, and covers planning and integration of AskoziaPBX and related services.

Ticket Support

We offer a support ticket system which you can access at Ticket support is available both as free and paid support.

In order to help you as quickly as possible, please include the following information in the web form:

  • Choose a subject that already offers an idea of what the problem might be (for example, "AskoziaPBX does not work" is not a good description).
  • Include a comprehensive problem description and the following information:
    • Can you reproduce the problem?
    • What are the circumstances when the problem appears?
    • What version of AskoziaPBX are you running?
    • What is the hardware you are using?
    • What phones are you using with what firmware?
    • Do you have a support contract?
  • Add your contact information, i.e. email address and phone number.
  • Please be nice. :)

Bear in mind that our support is prioritised, i.e. paid support comes first.

Remote and Telephone Support

Remote Support is only available as part of our paid support plans.

As preparation for a remote session with our support, please install TeamViewer Quick Support for your operating system from one of the links below.

TeamViewer Quick Support

Support FAQ

Here is a list of very common questions regarding our support.

How does Askozia prioritise support?

Without any doubt, any problem concerning the phone system of a business is pressing. As we are only human, and we can not solve all incoming requests at the same time, we have to prioritise. This works roughly like this:

We check every incoming request instantly for emergencies. Those are worked on first. After that, clients with support subscriptions come first, sub-prioritised into the respective priority of their support subscriptions. Clients without a support subscription always come after those with a support subscription.

What is considered an emergency and when can I press “9” when calling Askozia?

Since everybody has a different perspective on what emergencies are, we came around to write it down:

Things that are emergencies:

  • Your phone system has been working fine and now you are having troubles receiving inbound or making outbound calls.

Things that are no emergencies:

  • A certain feature of the phone system is not working (as long that this doesn’t mean calls, that worked before)
  • You are trying to set up a new phone system and you are not meeting your deadline (Give us a one day warning and we will arrange a remote session with you).
  • You are at reseller/integration partner and you are at a customer and something is not working (as long that this doesn’t mean calls, that worked before)

How do I get support?

EVERYTHING starts with a ticket. Please go to It really only takes one minute. Give us a short but precise description of your problem. No need to register.

Our ticket system allows our support team to work on multiple problems at the same time. Also, the entire support team is notified of EVERY incoming request.

Even though it might not feel like it, a phone call doesn’t do that. It slows things down. We have to ask you a bunch of questions, that lead us to open the ticket for you, which is more time consuming in the first place.

If your problem is an emergency, everything after will happen really fast! Believe us, Tickets are great!

How do I get an appointment for remote or telephone support?

Please open a ticket first. Let us know that you would like to arrange remote / telephone support. We will usually offer you an appointment for the next working day.

Why do I have to open a ticket for every new case?

This is a mandatory step and used by us to organise and prioritise support as well as for documentation purposes.

Why do you not provide free evaluation support?

We are happy that your are testing our software! However, a modern IP phone system is complex eco-system that includes different components (phones, gateways, network infrastructure, servers etc.). The installation, configuration and troubleshooting of an IP Phone system takes time and expert knowledge. Having the most competitive prices on the market, it is not possible for us to do this free of charge.

Why do you not support the VoIP provider I am using?

We have no particular preference of VoIP providers, however we have partnered up with VoIP providers in order to ensure interoperability. Unfortunately, not all VoIP Providers stick to the RFC standard and therefore its not possible to guarantee interoperability with all of the tens of thousands of VoIP providers worldwide.

How can I get a particular VoIP provider certified by Askozia?

We can do that for you. We require a test trunk and charge for the amount of time that we need to setup, test and certify the new provider.

Why do you recommend particular IP phones and gateways?

We have invested a lot of effort to make the configuration of popular phones and gateways very easy. However, it also depends on the willingness of the manufacturer to work with our team.

What does it mean when my case is tagged as "x3 support"?

This is technical support for 3rd party products that are outside of our control.

That includes:

  • Configuration of networks, routers, firewalls and VPNs
  • Integration of any kind of software or hardware that is not made by us
  • Troubleshooting of unsupported VoIP providers, phones, gateways and hardware of any kind
  • Integration of AskoziaPBX with unsupported virtualization environments

x3 support is only available as part of our paid support plans and is provided as "best effort". That means we will do our best to help you, but we can not guarantee a successful integration. However, whatever the outcome may be, you will be charged for the time our support team spends with your case.