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PRI is an software add-on for AskoziaPBX. If you need consistent call quality and high call loads, ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface, or S2N) is usually your first choice. The PRI software module for AskoziaPBX supports the E1/T1 interface cards of

  • Allo: E1/T1 PRI CARD
  • beroNet: 1-Port PRI Module (BF1E1), 2-Port PRI Module (BF2E1)
  • OpenVox: D110E, D110P, D130E, D130P, DE130E, DE130P, D210E, D210P, DE210E, DE210P, D230E, D230P, DE230E, DE230P, D410E, D410P, DE410E, DE410P, D430E, D430P, DE430E, DE430P

More information about PRI can be found at

Activation of PRI in AskoziaPBX

Starting from firmware release 2.2.5, the PRI modul is included in AskoziaPBX. To activate it the PRI module, enter a PRI license via Askozia's web interface. Licenses can be purchased from our web shop.

After you got the license key, please enter it in the Askozia web interface in the license menu.

Entered PRI license

After entering the license key, you need to reboot the system. Afterwards, a notice message on the summary page indicates the activated PRI software module.

Activated PRI modul

Configuration of PRI

If a supported PRI interface card is installed and the software modul is active, Askozia will find the port(s) automatically.

Activated PRI modul

The provider settings are equal to ISDN BRI. More information about the configuration can be found in ISDN providers in the Accounts chapter.