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CTI startpage

Start page

All CTI have the same layout: On top you see the title bar with the Askozia logo. The central part is used for all types of user information, depending on the page you are on. The start page either displays the name and number of the user or the current time. The central part also displays the call bar, which is used to initiate a call back for missed calls, to un-park calls after sending them to a a parking slot and return to an active call.

Below you find the dial bar. It allows the user to directly enter and dial numbers. Alternatively, numbers can be copy-pasted from the clipboard.

  • CTI dial bar.png - Dial bar

At the very bottom of the interface, you find four buttons. From left to right they have the following functions:

  • Button homepage.png - Start page
  • Button phonebook.png - Phonebook
  • Button recentcalls.png - Recent calls
  • Button configuration.png - Configuration

CTI phone book


The CTI phone book holds all contacts from the central AskoziaPBX phone book, plus personal contacts every user can add when desired. The phone book also offers a search function, at the very top of the page. The search function also matches incomplete search queries with phone book entries. For instance, sim would be sufficient to find the entry of Ryan Simmons.

By clicking on Add in the upper right corner of the phone book page, you can add a personal contact.

The contacts are displayed in the central part of the phone book page. The phone book starts with as favorites marked entries. All non-favorite entries are organized in alphabetic order. On the left side of each contact an avatar (contact picture) can be added. A small circle indicates the availability status of each contact: Green means available, red busy, yellow ringing and grey unknown.

Right of the contact's name, the edit button Button contactmanager.png allows the editing of contacts.

The centralised AskoziaPBX phone book is not changed.

Contact editor

Contact editor
  • Image: If you click on plus, your file browser will open. Choose an image file to be used as the contact picture. Images must be smaller than 1MB and in either JPG or PNG format.
Avatar Editor
  • Name: Add/edit the contact's name
  • Number: Add/edit the contact's number
  • Favorite: If a contact is marked as a favorite, it is displayed before the alphabetically ordered phone book contacts.
  • Delete: Deletes a contact.

All changes need to be saved.

Recent Calls

Recent calls

To find calls in the overview, use the search bar on top of the page. In the central part of the page all recent calls are listed. The calls are listed for one day, before they disappear.

  • CTI eingehend.png: incoming calls
  • CTI ausgehend.png: outgoing calls
  • CTI verpasst.png: missed calls



All options the CTI user can change can be found here.

  • Prefixes, entered in Call will be prepend automatically to dialed numbers. Prefix (manual) manipulates numbers, dialed in the dial bar. Prefix (phonebook) is used for numbers, dialed via the phonebook.
  • Transfers: Transfers can be attended or blind.
  • CRM integration: The CTI can open an action URL every time a call comes in. This is supported by many third party CRM systems.
  • Miscellaneous: Changes of the layout of the start page from clock to user name and vice versa.
  • With Theme the color scheme of Call Control can be changed. There are four color schemes.
  • Clear cache clears the CTI cache. This might help if there is funny behavior.
  • Logout: Signs out the CTI and sets back the phone/CTI connection.

Active call

Active call

This page opens automatically whenever a call is started or comes in. If the caller ID of the caller is known, name and contact picture (if configured) are displayed. Furthermore, the page contains six buttons:

  • Send email Opens the email client (if configured) on the local computer/device. Name, phone number and time are automatically included.
  • Answer call Answers incoming calls and switches to End Call during an active call.
Accounts -> Phones
  • Transfers Initiates a transfer. The transfer mode (blind or attended) is configured in configurations.
  • CRM Opens a web based CRM, if configured in configurations.
  • Mute Mutes the microphone.
  • Park Sends the call to a park position. By clicking on "unpark" in the call bar the call can be retrieved.



This page opens after a blind transfer. It shows the transfer target extension.



This page opens during an attended transfer, while consulting the target extension.

Pick Up

To pick up a call via Call Control, please create a pick up group in the AskoziaPBX web interface and make sure that the phone which is controlled by the CTI is a member of this group.

Pick Up Group

When a call comes in for one other member of the pick up group, the CTI shows it’s notification bar telling who is calling, for which extension the call comes in and in which pick up group you are. By clicking „pick up“ the call will be picked up.

Pick Up

Further Features

Language settings

Up to the login screen where the star code has to be entered, the CTI language equal to the set language of the AskoziaPBX webinterface. After logging in a phone, Call Controls language depends on the set language of the logged in phone.

To get more information about how to install and activate the CTI, please read here.