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Virtual fax

A virtual fax allows you to send and receive faxes without using a fax machine. The features of a virtual fax are also called email-to-fax and fax-to-email. When using a virtual fax, incoming faxes are automatically converted into PDF files and send to you via email. To send a fax, simply send an email to your virtual fax. The virtual fax converts text and PDF attachments into the fax format and faxes them. In the following section we explain how to set up a virtual fax in AskoziaPBX.

Configuration of a virtual fax

The number of a fax is assigned in the text box Number. The Caller ID is the name or number the callee sees on the fax display. Virtual faxes require an E-mail address to which the faxes should be sent.

General settings for incoming virtual fax

Default provider is the standard provider used for this virtual fax. Block providers allows you to exclude certain providers for faxing (e.g. SIP providers without T.38 support). Select the page format common in your country. Selectable in the the drop down menu are A4, letter, legal, B4 and A3. The local station ID is the callerID used by this virtual fax. Fax header information allows you to add further information. Retries defines the number of retries if the target fax is busy. Email size defines the maximum email size in megabytes. Keep in mind that large attachments require more CPU time. This is especially important on embedded systems with limited resources (e.g. Askozia Small Business Appliances). Maximum number of pages prevents faxes from exceeding a certain number of pages from being send.

To be able to send faxes, you need to configure the POP3 settings of your email address for your virtual fax. This is necessary because the virtual fax is downloading the emails from the email inbox defined here, before sending them as a fax.

General settings for outgoing virtual fax
General settings for outgoing virtual fax

In the advanced options, error correction and T.38 gateway functionality can be activated, if supported by your provider. Optionally, you can set an activity timeout in seconds. In advanced options, you can also define a standard transfer rate as well as a minimum and a maximum transfer rate.

Advanced settings for outgoing virtual fax

Click Save to finish the configuration.

To send a fax with your virtual fax, simply send an email to your virtual fax. AskoziaPBX converts text and PDF attachments into the fax format and faxes your email. Open your email client. Enter the email address of your virtual fax in the TO field. As the subject enter the fax number, where you’d like to send the fax to. Enter the text you’d like to fax in the email body and/or attached a PDF file. Supported are plain text and HTML emails. PDF attachments need to be in the format standard to fax machines in your country. When sending an email with text and a PDF attachment, a new page is started for the content of the attachment.

Configuration examples

Here we listed tested configurations for multiple email providers.


configuration for Strato accounts


configuration for GMail accounts


configuration for GMX accounts

configuration for accounts


configuration for Hotmail accounts